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Deplorable conditions at family detention center

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

A social worker has come forward to talk about the

Calling for 12 month extension for Vizguerra

Recently family, faith leaders, attorney and organizational leaders packed the lobby of the Meyer Law Office in

Message from Albuquerque: Native Lives Matter

By Kent Paterson

Most people probably don’t think of Albuquerque as a

More mass graves unearthed, but still no answers

By Deirdre Fulton

The search for 43 college students who vanished in the

FL book competition opens call for entries

By Gloria Colvin     The Florida Book Awards has kicked off its tenth annual competition with a call for entries in nine categories. Established in 2006 and now the most comprehensive state book awards program in the nation, the...
Posted On 27 Aug 2015

Ruling grants home care workers minimum wage

By Bryce Covert   A federal appeals court has reinstated a rule change that is meant to provide home care workers minimum wage and overtime protections. In 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it would make changes to...
Posted On 28 Aug 2015

CPP: The end of an era for dirty power plants

By Michael Brune


The Clean Power Plan is the most significant single action any President has ever taken to tackle the most serious threat to the health of our families: the climate crisis.

This marks the end of an …

Posted On 14 Aug 2015

200 soplos de aire fresco para la humanidad

Por Javier Sierra


Hace 15 años, la administración Bush formó una comisión de energía liderada por el Vicepresidente Dick Cheney, quien la rodeó de un hermético secretismo para dictar la nueva política energética de Estados Unidos.
El resultado fue...

Posted On 31 Jul 2015

Pope Francis’ Encyclical gives all a reason for hope

I have friends who are atheists, those who have a spiritual relationship with the earth and those who don’t quite subscribe to the notion of one God. We don’t judge each other; we just play fair in the sandbox we …

Posted On 25 Jun 2015

Climate change: An issue of great moral urgency

Panic mode has been declared among the world’s climate change deniers. Papal Encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praised Be to You) about climate change has just caused the collapse of the house of cards sustaining the arguments of the Flat Earth Society.…

Posted On 25 Jun 2015